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Nov 2015

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Tints Treatment

Tinting is a mini make over treatment for your brow and lashes. Tinting is a great way to give definition and add depth to the colour of eyebrow and lashes on a temporary basis. The treatment is quick, simple and...


Oct 2015

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Four Layer Facial

This is sample...


Sep 2015

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Derma New Facial

It’s a facial and manual microdermabrasion combined! Includes a complete cleansing of the skin with our Ahava Dermud products along with facial steaming. Next is the manual microdermabrasion consisting of corundum crystals, which are a multi-crystal resurfacing complex which...


Aug 2015

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Waxing is another popular method of hair removal. Waxing removes hair from the roots and new growth will take place within two to six weeks. Waxing can be applied to remove hair from any part of the body including eyebrows,...


Jul 2015

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Age Control Facial

It’s the Advanced Facial with an anti-age twist! It includes an intensive hydrating masque as well as a unique anti-age masque and special puffy eye treatment. Also includes Ahava’s renowned age control mineral eye cream, age control intensive serum...


Jun 2015

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Henna Tattoos

Henna Tattooing is an ancient art of temporarily tattooing using a herbal paste made produced from natural plants. We use 100% natural henna which can last from 1-4 weeks. It is suitable for all type of skin, age and very...


May 2015

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Fashion Photography

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Apr 2015

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Express Manicure

tarting off with a basic manicure, we then apply an exfoliating salt scrub up to your elbows to remove dead, dry skin and follow with a luxurious hand massage and a paraffin wax treatment. Nails are then polished to...


Mar 2015

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Extreme Facial

It’s the Age Control Facial with an extreme age defying boost! The Extreme collection features a hydrating mask, extreme eye treatment, extreme day cream and an extreme night serum. Perfect for fighting the signs of aging for ages 45...


Feb 2015

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Basic Pedicure

A basic pedicure starts off with a soak in the footbath with Dead Sea salts and essential oils. You will enjoy the luxury of expert nail care including a cuticle treatment, nail shaping, callous removal and a foot and...


Jan 2015

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Eye Lashes

The perfect way to create the naturally alluring effect on your lashes. Long lasting lashes that are applied in clusters of three to your actual lashes, giving effect of a full and natural look. We provide a full range of...


Dec 2014

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Basic Manicure

Expert nail care including trimming, shaping, buffing and filing. Your cuticles are pushed back, treated and to end – a stress relieving hand massage, finished off with your choice of polish. Includes an application of drip dry on nails....

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